With my background in musicology and experience in the classical music sector as a stage producer, copywriter, bookkeeper and policy officer, I feel at home in different roles and in different places.

Since my graduation in 2012 I have been active as an entrepreneur. My status as an entrepreneur was born at the time from the need to develop as broadly as possible and to be flexible in a sector where the jobs are not there for the taking. In the meantime I am no longer worried about job security, but I can just enjoy the fact that I don’t have to do the same job every day.

As an entrepreneur, in recent years I have mainly devoted my time to advising and assisting freelancers in the field of income tax, sales tax and accounting. I have experience with the design and maintenance of the administration in Excel, Exact Online and Bokbiz. Because everyone’s time and money are valuable, my commitment is to put the customer to work and make him self-reliant wherever possible and desirable.

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