Between September 2008 and April 2012 I studied Musicology at Utrecht University, after which I received my degree as a Bachelor of Arts. My reasonably short and modest thesis consisted of a contemplative essay on analogies between the music genres of jazz and baroque. Far from being a masterpiece, it did have its merit as a showcase of my predilection for both genres.

During my studies I was mainly occupied with the activities surrounding the study association for Musicology in Utrecht, Studievereniging Hucbald. In 2009 I functioned as treasurer, later on as chairman of the club. Aside from these functions on the board, I also filled positions in several committees concerning different activities/sides of Hucbald, like the website, the 70th anniversary and a yearly choir project.

Choir project/choir committee

Hucbald organises this project every year. It is aimed at young enthusiastic singers, with a special emphasis on the students of Musicology. In this project accomplished musicians and beginners join forces to present a final public concert in a packed church. The concert takes place in the centre of Utrecht, on the 4th of May, a national day of memorial. From 2010 on I participated in each edition, with stagings of Requiems by Fauré, Cherubini, Mozart and most recently Duruflé. I filled the positions of chairman and treasurer in 2012 and 2013 respectively.